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Kris Weinhold 5 years ago • updated by katzoft 5 years ago 4
On Samsung Galaxy s3.

Any workaround?
katzoft 5 years ago


Kristopher Dick 3 years ago • updated by katzoft 2 years ago 1
I've had the same items showing up since 20 June, despite having not only read, but deleted or archived everything showing in the widget.
Kenneth Ho 5 years ago • updated by katzoft 2 years ago 1

I like the design of your gmail widget but it doesn't show read emails. Can you please make it an option to display read emails in addition to the unread ones your widget currently displays?

waterman 5 years ago • updated by katzoft 2 years ago 5

The widget does not update when I receive an email.

The widget updates only when I receive an incomming sms
This behavior is started after the new update of the gmail app

Before this update, everything worked ok.

Regards, Ton

Under review
Metasyntactic 2 years ago • updated 2 years ago 2

Hey Katzoft,

Thanks for making this widget. I've been searching for a very minimalist email widget, and yours has come the closest so far. That said, there are some very minor tweaks that i would love to see to make it *really* refined.

First i use the "Today Calendar Widget", which allows me to make a calendar as clean as this:

Unfortunately, while i can get things close, things dn't look as good with the email widget:

In general, the overall issue is that things look too cluttered.

1. The lines between items are distracting.

2. Better spacing between items would be nice.

3. No way to use "white" as the color for teh sender name.

4. Widget icon in the upper left is clutter.

5. Not sure what the blue line on the left side is for. But it seems larger than necessary.

5. Gmail icons next to every mail seem unnecessary.

6. "New mail", and "settings" icons could be rolled much more cleanly into the header.

7. No way to turn off things like the account name or the unread count.

Basically, the app is already really nice. But going even more minimalist would make it perfect for me.

Note: i'd be willing to contribute more to have these changes made. As an app author myself, i know how much a labor of love this sort of work is, and how little you often get back in return.

Not a bug
Ewald Groen 5 years ago • updated by katzoft 5 years ago 1


i bought your great app.

i cannot add a gmail widget on my htc one x.

on my tablet it works great.

latest version android for my phone.

latest gmail app.

please some help.




katzoft 5 years ago


katzoft 5 years ago • updated 5 years ago 1
Changes include: 
- Support for unified inbox: multiple labels from multiple accounts on the same widget - saves space on your homescreen
- When you have no unread messages, some widgets turn into clock widgets: let us know what you think about this - would you like this feature added to all widgets?
- Touch the counter to refresh: works on all widgets
- Faster refresh after booting 
- And many more! Try it yourself and leave a comment!
Metasyntactic 2 years ago • updated by katzoft 1 year ago 6

Unless i'm missing something, it appears as if i can only add my gmail account emails to this widget. I would love to be able to have this widget also show my other email account (a work exchange account).

Right now i use the Gmail app and it provides me with a unified inbox. I'm looking for a clean, minimal unified mail widget as well.

Right now this widget is great and works well for my gmail messages. But i definitely need it to be able to support all the email accounts in the Gmail app for it to be truly useful.


Zachary Thacher 5 years ago 0

Hi there, I was excited to use this app so I can have a smaller homepage widget than the stock Gmail app, but this darn thing won't update. I'm using Nexus 4 with just got JB 4.2.2 pushed to it. When will this be fixed? I paid for it and it's not working as advertised.

Sam Gentle 5 years ago • updated by katzoft 5 years ago 5