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thoralf 2 years ago • updated by katzoft 2 years ago 1

hi, please make more colors for unread badge icon and add Account info to that, for users with multiple g accouts :-) greetings Peter

katzoft 2 years ago

You can already change the color of the unread badge by changing the header color. I have noted your suggestion to show the account info.

Under review
Andi Alper 5 years ago • updated by katzoft 5 years ago 1
everytime I try to add any of the Gmail widgets to the home screen it causes an LG home process to unexpectedly stop working and it forces to close
Scott McDaniel 4 years ago 0

Hi. Maybe I missed these options - if I did, sorry. If I didn't, please consider them requests.


  • I already have a clock on my screen - don't need another one. Can we disable that feature?
  • 'Colors' - white or transparent, please?
Other than that, works and looks great - thank you!

PS: Unified Inbox - great feature - wasn't expecting it, thrilled it is there!

Daniel Rubin 5 years ago 0

need 5x2 size for new galaxy notes 

Philip Lee 4 years ago 0
Just installed the widget.

Agree with others it would be worth the purchase if it showed read and unread emails. Otherwise it is not as functional as the default Gmail widget.

I just noticed that if there is an email chain, the 'from' will appear as the original thread starter rather than who the email is actually from.

Using a nexus 7
katzoft 5 years ago • updated 5 years ago 0
We have switched from email-based support to support forums in order to help us cope with the increasing levels of requests and to allow our users to tap into a growing knowledge base.
Happy posting!
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katzoft 5 years ago • updated 2 years ago 8

Post your comments below. 

This will have an immediate effect on development and future updates!

Thanks for feeding back!

Under review
Gregg Pfaff 4 years ago • updated by katzoft 2 years ago 1
Loretta Dancy 4 years ago • updated by katzoft 4 years ago 1
I uninstalled BatteryDash for DashClock but the the battery notification still shows up on my
status/notification bar. How can I get rid of it?