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katzoft 5 years ago • updated 5 years ago 0

Thanks to the guys from AndroidWidgets.co for featuring our app on their front page. 

AndroidWidgets.co is the only site on the web entirely dedicated to Android widgets and that makes it one of the most popular sites among Android users.

bat rastard 4 years ago • updated 4 years ago 1

What is the point?  Feel like I wasted my money.

Aditya Kakrania 4 years ago • updated by katzoft 2 years ago 2
Just bough the app but have a problem. My Google Apps account has starred messages in them. The widget does not show the starred messages. It says "No new items" and shows an analog clock on the widget.

Other information:
- The Gmail app shows the starred messages.
- I have rebooted the phone after install and widget customization
- I have changed the number of starred messages in my inbox 
Scott Burnham 5 years ago 0

I see a picture of how I can have this widget as a lock screen but I cannot find information on how to do this

JimandHoney Foster 2 years ago • updated by katzoft 2 years ago 1

Trying to maximize screen space... it would be GREAT if we could turn off the user avatar as a setting. It takes up a lot of space if the widget format is 2 columns x 4 rows.

And really, do I care what they look like?

katzoft 2 years ago

You can do that in the settings. Remove the tick mark next to 'contact icon'. Sorry if this was not clear from the description.

NLoke Zainan 5 years ago 0

The default gmail widget does but yours not. I have to push the refresh button to update it manually.

From Nexus 7 with jeLly bean

waterman 2 years ago • updated by katzoft 2 years ago 1

I had to reset my android phone.

The new version of widget is not compatible with this android version.

how to obtain an old widget version?

can you make the new version compatible with Android 4.0.2?

Regards Ton

Rod Hensel 5 years ago • updated by katzoft 5 years ago 3

When trying to set up widget opening screen says you did not select any content when I press OK, then widget closes and disappears.  Icon does open gmail, but not widget.    I am using Nexus 7. Any ideas?

katzoft 5 years ago • updated 5 years ago 0

This time from AndroidWidgets.info 

Read it here: http://www.androidwidget.info/gmail-widgets/