Can only add gmail account

Metasyntactic 5 years ago updated by katzoft 5 years ago 6

Unless i'm missing something, it appears as if i can only add my gmail account emails to this widget. I would love to be able to have this widget also show my other email account (a work exchange account).

Right now i use the Gmail app and it provides me with a unified inbox. I'm looking for a clean, minimal unified mail widget as well.

Right now this widget is great and works well for my gmail messages. But i definitely need it to be able to support all the email accounts in the Gmail app for it to be truly useful.



Hi, you're right - at the moment, you can only add Gmail accounts. This is a great suggestion though and I'll try to get to it in due course. I'm sure you understand this is a big feature, so it will take some time.

Hi Katzoft, that's great to hear!

BTW, i'm a developer myself. So i'm curious about why this is a "big feature" on android. I'd love it if you could share some info on the problem space. Does Android not just provide a generic way to access all the email accounts? Or do you have to write something very specific for each type of email account?

I know you're not actually accessing my email directly. i.e. you just talk to the built-in email understanding of Android/GMail right? If that's the case, then does the GMail system not expose all the email accounts *it* is currently connected to?

Also, if you're interested, this would be something i'd be willing to at least *try* to help out with. I can send you my CV if you think it's something i might be able to provide. Cheers!

The Gmail content provider used to be open to other apps, but that has changed years ago. Therefore, 3rd party apps (not sure about Inbox, but that's Google) have to access any email accounts through their respective REST APIs or IMAP/POP. This usually means extra effort for every additional provider, unless you use IMAP/POP which doesn't support the full feature set.

Feel free to send me your CV or a list of projects you've been working on, I'd be interested to check them out.


I too would love this feature as my main email account is on Exchange. I wish every app had a transparent widget option.

Any update to ETA for this feature? This would make your widget the most versatile email widget on android.

At the moment there are no plans for any further development of this app. That doesn't mean it won't happen, but I can't tell you if and when.

However, you can Gmailify your Exchange accounts into Gmail accounts to see your conversations on the widgets.