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What do you like most/least about Gmail Widgets?

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Post your comments below. 

This will have an immediate effect on development and future updates!

Thanks for feeding back!

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I like this widget a lot and it will be nice to have a slider type or something like that, in order to change the transparency level for the background. Thank in advance and keep up the good work!


  • The reason I got this widget was the "Dimmed" theme. It looks good and matches my Jorte calendar widget.


I have this widget installed on my locked screen.
Now I can see within a glimps if there is mail arrived and if it is an urgent mail.
For this I do not have to unlock my device first.

Moreover: When my device is lost, I can send emails and they are always on the locked screen :-)

The two issues I have are:

1: the icon colour is always red, whatever colour I choose in the setup screen.

2: I have two email accounts, one for personal, one for work, if I put an icon on my screen for both inboxes, not only are they the same colour, they also both say "inbox". i'd like to be able to rename the icon.


I would love for the widget to display read mail, instead of only unread mail.  Otherwise...love it!

This has been implemented now - finally :)


I second the ability to see read messages as well. I use those as reminders