Widget only shows 1 message :(

isaac royffe 7 lat temu Ostatnio zmodyfikowane przez J Marcos Patricio 4 lat temu 8
Im using a nexus 7 with kitkat, and the widget only displays 1 message even though i have 3 very active gmail accounts connected.  The widget is large taking up the whole screen, so i should be able to see more than one message.  

On a side note it be great to be able to get rid of the jarring red icon on the widget, or make it transparent to match the transparent theme.
I got the same problem with my note 3 on kitkat. it only shows 1 message
Same here Samsung galaxy 10.1 (2014) edition and a galaxy tab 3 pro 8.4
I have the same issue since updating to KitKat 4.4.2, Contacted the dev but still no reply or fix to this issue. Does anyone know of a solution and if so please let us know. Regards
 Same problem. I have had  enough, nothing seems to be happening.. 
I have the same problem and have also contacted the developer but received no reply. Seriously guys?! Fix this please???
Same problem - no updates show on the widget since upgrading to 4.4.3 and now 4.4.4 (CM11)