Horrible typing, sorry. Re should be are and Hamil is Gmail. Great widget. Keep up the great work. Looking forward to it showing unread and hopefully increasing font size. 

Is this still an issue (no emails showing) or can I close it? 

Please also only raise one issue at a time, e.g. "showing unread" should be separate. And to avoid duplicates, do a search first, and upvote an existing issue if you can find one, rather than raising a new one.

I have this issue on my nexus 7. Rooted, running Cyanogenmod 10. Issue persists with any launcher I use. It will not show any email on load nor update. My Gmail app is configured exactly as directed. I did get the paid version...

Hello. I really really would like this to work. Any help you can offer is appreciated. 

One further comment...when I try to select a label, it tells me "Something went wrong. Please try again." Then it allows me to select a label when I try for a second time. 

And while I realize that I only paid $.99 for this app...a little attention would be nice after 3 or 4 days of waiting. I *did* pay for it.

Hi Tory, thanks for your comments. Unfortunately, rooted devices and custom ROMs are not supported.