Your comments

Hey Katzoft,

Those look great! I did just get the update, and i was thrilled to see the improvements. Funny how the timing works out on these things. Transparency and being able to hide things will be *terrific*. I've left a 5 star review for the app as thanks for all your efforts!

Hi Katzoft, that's great to hear!

BTW, i'm a developer myself. So i'm curious about why this is a "big feature" on android. I'd love it if you could share some info on the problem space. Does Android not just provide a generic way to access all the email accounts? Or do you have to write something very specific for each type of email account?

I know you're not actually accessing my email directly. i.e. you just talk to the built-in email understanding of Android/GMail right? If that's the case, then does the GMail system not expose all the email accounts *it* is currently connected to?

Also, if you're interested, this would be something i'd be willing to at least *try* to help out with. I can send you my CV if you think it's something i might be able to provide. Cheers!