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Widget only shows 1 message :(

isaac royffe 7 years ago updated by J Marcos Patricio 4 years ago 8
Im using a nexus 7 with kitkat, and the widget only displays 1 message even though i have 3 very active gmail accounts connected.  The widget is large taking up the whole screen, so i should be able to see more than one message.  

On a side note it be great to be able to get rid of the jarring red icon on the widget, or make it transparent to match the transparent theme.

Unread mail should remain visible

Nicolas Sørbrøden 9 years ago updated by katzoft 5 years ago 2

Unread mails should remain in the widget window as it does in the original gmail widget, so you can scroll through all the mails currently in the inbox. Not having this function is a deal breaker for me.


inbox by Gmail

Pablo Bello 5 years ago 0

Could be excellent if you can choose the app you want to open. In my case, I'm using Inbox rather than Gmail, but the Widget open GMail app.


Searching answer

widget does not update

Robert van der Laan 9 years ago updated by printer-reset Mario Bandulik 5 years ago 13

I have a widget for the inbox of my Gmail account. In Gmail the inbox folder is set up with 30 days synchronization and notifications enabled. Despite this configuration, the widget is not updating with new messages. I see that I have new messages from the Android status bar, but the widget does not update.  Only when I manually refresh, new messages are shown in the widget. How can I fix this? 

katzoft 5 years ago

That's strange. I need some more information from you to diagnose the problem. 

How long did you wait after seeing the notification? 

Is the new message arriving in a custom folder or in the standard inbox?

Which phone are you using and is it rooted?


Font size

Nicolas Sørbrøden 9 years ago updated by katzoft 8 years ago 1

Customization of the font used in the widget would be nice, at least the size. I like to optimize the space usage on the homescreen.

katzoft 9 years ago



Suggestions from new user

Glenn Brooks 8 years ago 0
1) More colors, especially black and white. Maybe custom?
2) Option to not show sender avatar - it takes up valuable space.
3) If mail and SMS are both displayed, use DIFFERENT icons for them.
4) An option to display read mail messages as well as unread would be nice. I leave read messages in my inbox as reminders.
5) If content display is turned off and a message has no subject, display a line of content instead.

Supporting the app Inbox?

Kristofer Borvall 5 years ago 0

As I understands it, I could use this widget for Inbox by Google.

But how? It's just showing the gmail inbox and opening the google inbox, there is no way to pick the app Inbox by Google.


Clicking email doesn't open the email

Dave Del Signore 8 years ago updated by katzoft 5 years ago 2

Nexus 4, Android 4.2.1, Gmail Widget 5.3

This is a good looking widget, and generally works well, thank you!  I have encountered one small problem: when I click an e-mail message I would expect the e-mail message to be opened.  Instead the GMail app opens and displays my inbox.


Dave Del Signore


Controls at the side or on top

waterman 9 years ago updated by katzoft 5 years ago 1

I have installed the widget on my locked home screen.
I need only the refresh button on this locked screen.
The other buttons does not any service because the screen is locked
Is it possible to install the refresh button on the top bar next to the gmail icon?
Or to make an option to display the controls at the side of the widget.
In this way there is more space at the bottom to display mails in the listing.


can no longer set up multiple Gmail accounts since update

Glenn Miller 9 years ago updated by katzoft 9 years ago 11
Will only default to one
katzoft 9 years ago

Since this topic refers to an old version, I have set this to fixed unless someone disagrees.