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I see you have been using Gmail Widgets for about 3 months. Is this a new issue? Or has it been like this all along? Which device(s) are you using?

@Markus glad it works now. I should have clarified which widget (size) you are using. The icon ones can be refreshed by tapping the counter, whereas the larger ones have dedicated refresh buttons. 

By the way, you don't have to delete your comments, as other users may face the same problem and be interested in the solution.

Also make sure you press the refresh button in Gmail before you hit back.

You have to long-press (press and hold) on a free spot of your home screen to add widgets on the HTC One X (as opposed to some tablets where the widgets are next to the apps in the app drawer).

No problem. I hope you like it. If you have any other questions, just post here. And if you're happy, please leave a comment on the Play Store. Thanks!

The latest update to version 4.1 should fix that problem.

A fix is in progress.

Hi Jonathan, 
thank you for reaching out to us. Can you be a bit more specific as to when the widget does not update? Is it when new email arrives or at some other point in time?
I believe you have also left a comment on the Play Store saying that you can't scroll. If you have an older version of Android (pre-Honeycomb), this is a limitation of the OS. If you have a later version, there is a scrolling list widget included in Gmail Widgets.
Also, we cannot provide any other widget shapes, as widgets have to be square.