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An app which has been uninstalled cannot possibly leave notifications behind. You are blaming me for something another app has done that's not my fault and you have left a 1 star rating on Google Play. Please remove it as soon as you read this!

Hi Tory, thanks for your comments. Unfortunately, rooted devices and custom ROMs are not supported.

Is this still an issue (no emails showing) or can I close it? 

Please also only raise one issue at a time, e.g. "showing unread" should be separate. And to avoid duplicates, do a search first, and upvote an existing issue if you can find one, rather than raising a new one.

Thanks for the suggestion. This is not planned at the moment. Google Voice is not supported where I live, so I have no way of testing it.

@Dan: This is a known issue. Please do a search before posting to avoid duplicates.

You have to choose some Gmail labels before confirming. This is what the error message refers to as "content", i.e. something to be displayed on the widget.

Thanks for raising the issue. This is known and we will attempt to fix it. In the meantime, the refresh button is your friend.